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Rolex GMT-Master HistoryRolex GMT-Master HistoryWe notice the Rolex GMT-Master is probably the most iconic travel replica watches. For years, it had been a bit in the shadow with the Rolex Submariner and Daytona, but since after some duration, the Rolex GMT-Master increased its popularity rapidly. It is a useful gizmo watch, which we like to. About 50 % in the Fratello Watches owns one of many GMT-Master references.In this article we'll look at a brief history in the Rolex GMT-Master watch.Several GMT-MastersPan-Am ConnectionIn short: the Pan-Am company needed a watch that had been capable to display multiple timezones simultaneously, when they started to operate transatlantic flights. Owning an accurate wrist watch was a certain necessity for pilots back then, Rolex could provide them with it.To be sure now, the GMT-Master wasn't only popular amongst Pan-Am pilots (or civil aviation), also NASA (Jack Swigert of Apollo 13 wore one) and US Air Force pilots started putting them on. Also companies who travelled to various time zones started wearing the Rolex GMT-Master, as reading home some time to local time simultaneously features a positive [mental] relation to fighting jet lags.Rolex GMT-Master TimelineWe would choose to offer you a short trip down GMT-Master memory lane.Reference 6542The first GMT-Master being made has ever been the ref.6542 and was introduced in 1954. It featured a bakelite bezel (that has been replaced after 2 yrs by an aluminum bezel since it cracked effortlessly) together no crown guards. The 007 fan also might recognize this watch because it was on the wrist of Pussy Galore from the Goldfinger movie. The Rolex GMT-Master ref.6542 what food was in production till 1959. Rolex used several movements due to this reference, like calibers 1036 (1954-1959), 1065 (1957-1959) and 1066 (1957-1959).Reference 1675Perhaps essentially the most popular vintage Rolex GMT-Master replica watches is this ref.1675 (we recently talked about it in this posting). Introduced in 1959 and was being made till 1980, indeed many, many years. This really is the reason why you will get a well used ref.1675 GMT-Master in decent condition without too much hassle. Till the late 1960s, the other hour hand featured a rolex replica tiny triangle and it was succeeded using a red hand that has a larger triangle through-out the 1970s. Early models also featured pointed crown guards as well as a chapter ring. It was also the first Rolex sports watch that became available on both Oyster (reference 78360) and Jubilee (reference 62510) bracelet.Movement upgradesThe first 1675 replica watches was included with Rolex caliber 1565. Until 1965, when Rolex did start to equip all of them with caliber 1575. This movement a higher ticking number (19,600vph instead of 18,000 vph). Later on, caliber 1575 was modified to possess a hacking feature (seconds stop if the crown is pulled out). This is completed in 1971.GMT-Master on JubileeReference 16750Followed because of the Rolex GMT Master 16750 in ca 1980, a model with a brand new movement and glossy dials. Rolex started while using the caliber 3075 movement, which featured a quick-set date. The movement also increased 'speed' to twenty-eight,800vph. This model what food was in production till 1988. A little while on time, making it a sought-after style of the GMT-Master series. However, probably not around the Rolex GMT-Master II 16760 aka 'The Fat Lady' (or 'Sophia Loren'). This was the initial GMT-Master II coupled with an advancement within the regular GMT-Master, which is functionality to learn use of three different timezones. Moreover, the 'Fat Lady' stood a thicker case, thicker crown guards , sapphire crystal simply obtainable in the 'Coke' configuration, the red/black bezel. The Rolex GMT-Master 16760 used caliber 3085.Reference 16700 and 16710GMT-Master 16700 on Jubilee braceletThe ref.16750 was substituted with the GMT-Master 16700 in 1989. Rolex also introduced the reference 16710 (we recently did an in-depth article for this reference here), successor in the Fat Lady. In the beginning, the tritium dials continued to be used however in approximately 1997 this changed towards Super Luminova. Being produced near the GMT-Master II ref.16710, Rolex ceased the creation of the 16700 in 2001. What decayed was the movements (in the the 16700 and 16710). They now had caliber 3175 (16700) and caliber 3185 (16710). The building of these movement changed and today featured a good looking double balance-wheel bridge. The bracelets were Oyster (reference 78360) and Jubilee (reference 62510). Rapidly after introduction, the Oyster bracelets received the famous Oyster-lock (fliplock). This Oyster bracelet had reference 78790.Reference 1671016710 UpgradesIt seems that ref.16710 went through plenty of changes from 1989 till 2007. This watch started off having a tritium dial and ended using the Super Luminova dials, the bracelet got Solid End Links (in 2000) and also the pin-holes in the case disappeared. The past ones sold sported the plastic warranty cards as opposed to paper certificates. Before we forget, your box set changed also just for this model to the present one. Provided by three different bezels, as shown above disney watch . Also, in 2007, the movement with the Rolex GMT-Master II was upgraded to your caliber 3186. Most important change was using the Parachrom hairspring.Reference 116710LN and 116713LNRolex GMT-Master II 116713LNFrom 2008 till now, the GMT-Master II 116710LN (Lunette Noir) is production. The watch case received little redesign, the Twinlock crown continues to be replaced by a Triplock crown, the aluminum bezel has been substituted with a ceramic bezel plus the  case with the watch is growing a little (still 40mm, but with beefier lugs and crownguard etc.). The dial has changed into a 'maxi dial' with large numerals and the hands are getting to be wider. This also makes a watch that is certainly perceived bigger its predecessor, while still being 40mm. Since 2016, all replica watches are now inside a -2/+2 seconds a day deviation and sure to perform so for five years. All replica watches have already been chronometer certified certainly, but afterwards (when being cased) stringent tests happen to be performed in-house by Rolex rolex quartz .New BraceletsAlso, the bracelet received a small update to your joy of many Rolex aficionados. Her Easy-link system which allows that you widen or tighten the bracelet by 5mm (the old models required a toothpick). Additionally it is the initial generation of Rolex bracelets that do not have that famous 'rattling' sound with it (many people this way though). The guts links are already polished (PCL), that isn't to everyone's taste. It adds a bit of glamour towards the 'toolwatch' though.Below , we demonstrate your version in gold/steel (ref.16713LN). The all gold version (reference 116718LN) was already introduced in 2005. Because of this new generation of replica watches, Rolex uses caliber 3186.Rolex GMT-Master II 116713BatmanIn 2013, Rolex introduced a different type of the GMT-Master II 116710, however, this time, using a black & blue bezel. And also a blue GMT hand. This version received the 116710BLNR reference number, where BLNR is short for Blue & Noir.Reference 116719Then, in 2014, comes up having a combination that each one Rolex (GMT-Master) fans are actually awaiting. A new style Rolex GMT-Master II which has a Pepsi bezel. Hence, Rolex happens using reference 116719BLRO (Blue & Rouge). However, as Rolex does, it is not completely what individuals expected. The new Pepsi Rolex is manufactured out of white gold. Rumors are that is finished to keep the fabrication low, as it is apparently difficult to acquire the blue and red ceramic bezel made in larger quantities. As you can see, watches we'd declare that the blue with the white gold or platinum version includes a slightly different tone as opposed to blue they utilized in the last. The Rolex GMT-Master II reference 116719BLRO also used caliber 3186.White gold Rolex GMT-Master II 116719BLRO and also the GMT-Master ref. 1675Root Beer, Nipple Dials and Tiger AugenJust before we forget, we wish bring that the GMT-Master is already available in the gold/steel combination. Root beer, nipple dial and Tiger Augen include the nick names of the models from the past.Bi-color festFurthermore, several of the historic GMT-Master references provide an /8 added to it, which means the watch was created outside of solid gold. Later references had the 8 as the last digit in the number (e.g. 116718LN).Some ThoughtsThe Rolex GMT-Master is among the most recognizable traveler's watch on the globe. One from the successful ingredients because of this, is that Rolex has been consistent about the model of the GMT-Master. Whether it be a white gold Rolex GMT-Master II with ceramic bezel or maybe the initial reference 6542, a youngster can easily see these replica watches are related to 1 another. A full gold reference 1675/8 might be linked with a 'Batman' 116710BLNR. That's also something which makes Rolex a real strong brand anyway, because this is applicable for many of us of these timepieces.All goodWhether you happen to be hunting down that perfect vintage GMT-Master 1675, 2000s Rolex GMT-Master II or maybe entering an authorized dealer to buy one of many new references, it's all good. Hopefully you like this overview offers you a good idea of the different types and references. It is not complete (we skipped some variations per 'major' reference), but we're going to keep updating this article in the future.Additional information via Rolex on-line. Rolex GMT-Master 6542 Rolex GMT-Master 1675 Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 Rolex GMT-Master II 16713 Rolex GMT-Master bi-color fest Rolex GMT-Master 1675/8 Rolex GMT-Master 16750 Rolex GMT-Master 16700 on Jubilee bracelet GMT-Master on Jubilee Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 A several GMT-Masters*This article originally appeared on January 3rd 2012 on Fratello Watches already. But we updated its contents, photos (more & larger versions) and did an even more thorough description on virtually all of the references mentioned.